Microtome Blade Holder Knife Holder Disposable Low-Profile Blade Assembly NEW!

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  • Item No. 5003 Microtome Knife Holder Low-profile Blade Assembly
  • For use with low-profile disposable microtome blades
  • Entire Assembly Included! The base that fits on guide rails, the arc segment, faceplate/clamping plate, the knife carrier, blade guard with push pin blade remover, adjustable levers, blade angle markings.
  • Fits Optimal Scientific microtomes, as well as Leica RM 2255, 2235, 2135, 2025 and more. Also fits some Sakura Accu-cut models.
  • Comparable to Leica Knife Holder E, part number 14050237962 and part number 14050240508
  • High quality, brand new, stainless steel components. Works in all modes; manual, semi, or fully automatic.
  • CE Certification
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