IHC Double Stain

IHC Double Stain

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a technique used in histology to visualize specific antigens or proteins in tissues using labeled antibodies. A double stain IHC technique can be used to identify multiple antigens or proteins in the same tissue section.

In this case, the double stain IHC is used to detect Ki-67 and melanin-A in a skin tissue sample. Ki-67 is a protein that is present during active phases of the cell cycle and is commonly used as a marker for cell proliferation. Melanin-A is a pigment that is typically found in melanocytes and can be used to identify the presence of melanoma.

The Ki-67 positive cells will be stained brown due to the DAB chromagen, while the melanin-A positive cells will be stained red due to the red chromagen.

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