About Us



Optimal Scientific is a minority woman owned business founded in 2018. I'm the owner, Brandy Howard, a certified Histotechnologist that still works in the field. Through my experiences working in a lab I've noticed some of the obstacles labs face. Like the high cost of equipment, supplies and availability.  

Optimal Scientific offers similar glass, plastic, paper items and tools as some competitors, but with fair competitive pricing and availability. The quality of the products that come direct from manufacturers is personally verified in the laboratory before it is ever sold on the website. 

Why shop with us?

  • We are certified HTL Histotechs that are "embedded" in the histology community. 
  • Most of our products have been tested daily in a real histology lab setting.
  •  We are a minority woman owned and operated enterprise. We are located near Seattle, so if you're nearby, please shop local with us and we'll deliver personally for free.
  • You can find our items on Amazon and eBay. However, you will always find the best prices here on our website.
  • Do you have a special request? A complaint? A suggestion? We value any feedback and we are here to better serve our fellow histotechs. 
  • We offer the same fair, upfront, honest pricing to everyone, regardless of your lab size, company size, or order size. We don't force you to create an account and log-in to see our prices. 
  • Our checkout process is clear and simple. We follow up our orders with tracking information and updates via email. We ship fast. If there's a problem, we respond immediately and communicate with you.